How to Remove Underline From a Link With CSS

how to remove underline from link with css

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Cascading style sheet (CSS) is a style of language used to make web pages presentable. CSS together with HTML (hypertext markup language) is the technology that forms the basis through which web pages and applications are built. While CSS provides the layout for different devices, HTML gives the page structure. CSS is responsible for how your web pages look in terms of colors, layouts, and fonts. CSS helps one to embrace the presentations to diverse kinds of devices like big screens, small screens, or printers.

Types of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

There are four types of CSS, as discussed below

Internal CSS. CSS is also called embedded, and it helps in styling your page. This method can only be used to style just one page, so if you are styling many pages, you will take more time.

External CSS. External CSS enables you to link web pages from external CSS files. The good thing with this CSS is that it saves you time if you are styling a large website. Once you edit one file, you can change the whole site with a single click. You don’t have to keep on styling every webpage you want to style since one CSS can be used on many web pages. With CSS, you are allowed to use ID and selectors.

Inline CSS. With inline CSS, you can’t use selectors and can only apply them to a specific HTML element. Using this type of CSS can be very hard since the style is only applied on a single page.

How to Remove Underline From a Link With CSS

As a website developer, you may want to get rid of underlines from the links on your webpage. If you want to do this, you shouldn’t worry since doing so is easy.

CSS will come in handy when you want to remove the underline from links. With the use of the text-decoration property, you will be in a position to remove the underline.

The underlines can be in four states, and you will remove them independently depending on the state they are in. you must follow the order when removing underlines from the links using CSS. The state in which the links are in is also called pseudo-classes. Here are the four pseudo-classes of links.

a:link- this is a state in which the link has not been visited, clicked or hovered by the user.

a:visited- here the user has visited the link

a:hovered- it’s when the used hovers the mouse over the link

a:active- this refers to when the user clicks on the link

Removing the Underline From the Link

Arrange all the pseudo-classes from the link to the active and assign a text-decoration property of none.

a:link { text – decoration: none; }

a:visited { text – decoration: none; }

a:hover { text – decoration: none; }

a:active { text-decoration: none; }

When you follow this process, the underline will be removed in all pseudo-classes.

Alternatively, you can remove the underline from all the pseudo-classes at once without going through each one of them independently. You will be in a position to do this using the anchor element selector. You must be using external CSS for you to be able to use this feature since other CSS like internal and inline don’t have this property. Here is how to apply this property to remove the underline from all the pseudo-classes.

a { text – decoration: none; }

The first method is tiresome if you have many pages to handle, so the best thing to do is look for external CSS and apply it to style your webpage without wasting much time.

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Final Thoughts

Every aspect of your webpage matters so much. When you create a link, you would like as many people as possible to click on it. It is crucial to ensure that you have the best technological tools to help you manage your webpage to be presentable and attractive. Colors, font size, and layout, play a very important role in your website, so you shouldn’t miss cascading style sheet (CSS) as your website management tool. Also, it is important to save time by ensuring that you use efficient tools that will make your work easier as well as give you the desired results.

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