Which Software Should my Fantasy Sports Site Use?

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People have enjoyed fantasy sports for years. However, there was once a time to enjoy one; players would be forced to compete with their colleagues at work. While this is a fun experience for many people, some users would rather play fantasy sports from their homes or other personal spaces. So, Which Software Should your Fantasy Sports Site Use?

Online fantasy sports have genuinely changed the experience for those people. Now that more states have legalized online fantasy sports for real money, they have more options than ever. They are more in control of their experience betting experience, and it’s still just as simple as it would be in a betting shop.

This article will discuss a few options for online fantasy sports sites and discuss what fantasy sports software they use to power them. The great thing is that even if you pick an online fantasy site that you are unhappy with, there is no commitment to continue using it for your betting needs. Instead, you can switch to one of the many others.

Ignition Automation Fantasy sports technology

Ignition Automation

Ignition is a name that both gamers and non-gamers will be familiar with. Not only do they have industry-leading customer service, but they also have one of the widest selections of promotions and a fantastic welcome bonus. Also, they are the top-ranked fantasy sports sites for US players.

In terms of the software company Ignition uses, they are partnered with Lynton Limited. This company also works with Bovada, Slots. Iv, and many others. They are a powerhouse in online gaming.

Yahoo.com Fantasy sports

Yahoo Fantasy Sports And Their Technology!

Another excellent option for people looking for a free online fantasy Sports site is Yahoo fantasy sports. Yahoo is a perfect option for anyone who wants to have fun with their fantasy sports experience.

Not only is the theme exciting, but most importantly, they have a massive selection of games to pick from. This is one of the most significant advantages to Wild and why they are more popular. However, they are a bit lacking in specialty games. They might also have a code you can use for even more rewards.


DraftKings has been around since 2012, and it is now one of the top US online fantasy sports companies. While they may not have been around for as long as some other online fantasy sports sites, they offer some fantastic bonuses to make up for It and entice players who may be apprehensive about such a new company.

DraftKings uses more than 150 microservices as backend, mainly written in C#.

DraftKings uses many of the systems you know from all other industries, e.g., MySQL, DynamoDB, S3 systems.

DraftKings also uses other software and scripts such as Javascript and Typescript.

How Important Is The Software For Your Site?

The software company behind online fantasy sports is paramount. This is because the software company usually provides either the games or processing payments. Without it, most gaming sites would be pretty empty.

Some online fantasy sports companies, such as DraftKings, have multiple software companies. One company would work on specific aspects of online fantasy sports in these instances, and the other would handle the rest. This is because not every software company works with payment processing and games.


Online casinos are an excellent option for anyone who enjoys fantasy sports for free or gambling but does not want to go to an actual betting shop. The industry has evolved dramatically, and most of these options are great for new players. 

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